Autonomous Inventory Management

Stockvue is an IoT solution for inventory management. It uses smart scales to provide an autonomous, real-time, non-intrusive, and frictionless solution for inventory counting and replenishment. The scales are networked using sensor routers and the data is uploaded to a secure database in the Cloud. The data is then processed to calculate the number of units of each item and to generate alerts for stock-outs or low stock. This data can be accessed from Anywhere, Anytime on any device to make inventory management a breeze.

StockVUE is a weight based solution for tracking inventory. It doesn't require RFID or Bar Codes, or Cameras. StockVUE is perfect for bulk items, liquids, and gases and can accurately weigh very light items like plastic washers that weigh fractions of an ounce or heavy industrial parts that weigh hundreds of pounds.

Inventory Monitoring with Smart Scales and Cloud Software

Inventory tracking with smart scales and cloud software
iOT Cloud
Sync with ERP
Sensor Router Gathers Data
On any device
Digital Scales Weigh Parts
Upload in Real Time

Smart Scale Technology

Digital scales with high accuracies are connected to sensor routers that wireless connect and upload data to a server in the cloud. This data is then processed to compute item counts which can then be accessed using a PC, Tablet or Phone to receive updates and alerts about low inventory or sudden changes in inventory indicating theft or pilferage.

smart digital scales for weight based inventory

Digital Scales

Small, medium & large scales in various weight capacities with accuracies to 0.02%FS.

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smart router used in autonomous inventory control

Sensor Routers

12 port sensor routers provide power, collect data and upload it to the server wirelessly.

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remote tracking of inventory with smart phone

Software & Analytics

Data analysis, alert generation and display of inventory data by StockVUE Cloud software.

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StockVUE an IoT Solution

StockVUE iOT solution allows users to eliminate stock-outs, reduce inventory carrying costs and reduce shrinkage.

Global Tracking

StockVUE allows you to track multiple inventory centers around the world anytime from anywhere on any device.

Automatic Alerts

StockVUE sends notifications when items are running low and offers automatic replenishment of parts to avoid stock-outs.

Security First

StockVUE is always up to date on the best security practices to ensure your information is safe and protected.

Innovative Design

StockVUE uses robust, modern, patent protected technologies to offer a scalable and reliable solution.

Saves You Money

StockVUE reduces travel & personnel costs, reduces carrying costs and eliminates stock-outs.

Proven Technology

StockVUE has been successfully deployed in multiple locations in several industries for over two years.

Implement StockVUE

Here’s how you'd implement StockVUE in your organization.

Step 1

Gather list of parts by weight & size

Step 2

Pick size & capacity of scales needed

Step 3

Select number of routers needed

Up to 12 scales can connect to each router.

Order Parts
Step 4

Place scales where needed

Connect scales to routers. Power the router. Define parts in software. Assign scales to parts.

Configure Alerts
Step 5

Define min, max & critical levels

and who gets text or email alerts

Step 6

Grab a six pack and head for the beach!

Sit back & relax. Collect innovation awards.
IoT remote inventory management for liquids

Just in Time Replenishment

The StockVUE inventory monitoring system can be used to track consumption of items or products at points of use to see when to replenish before it runs out.

Just in time deliveries, can not only reduce operating costs and improve customer satisfaction, but also help reduce green house gas emissions.

sensors in medical devices in hospitals to monitor patient care

IV Bag Monitoring and Alerting System

IV Bags can be remotely monitored by placing the IV bags on our wireless load cells. A nurse can get alerts about IV bags that are low in fluids and need to be replaced.

This system can reduce a nurse's work-load and elminate medical emergencies or even deaths from dehydration.

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Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email at

+How accurate are the digital scales??

While the sensors we use have a +/- 0.02% of full scale accuracy, compensated for temperature from -10C to 40C, under most cases you can be confident you'll get 1 piece per 1000 piece accuracy

+What capacities are available?

We have scales that can measure items that weigh a few ounces to items that weigh tens of pounds. Our digital scales range in capacity from 100 grams to 50 tons!

+What size digital scales are available?

We have three sizes: small (7"x9"), medium (9" x 13") and large (15" x 20") at the present time. We can develop custom sizes as needed but costs are lowest for these standard size bins.

+Do we have to buy shelves and bins from you?

No. You can reuse your existing storage solutions and place our digital scales wherever you need them.

+Are the routers wireless? Do they need power?

Yes. The routers can be wired or wiressless. The wired solution works on USB. The wireless on 802.15.4 protocol. You need to supply power to the routers but can be daisy chained from router to router.

+What is the warranty period?

We warranty the products for up to 1 year for defects in workmanship. If scales are damaged during use due to rough handling or overloading then that is not covered by warranty.

+How many scales can one router handle?

Each router can connect to 12 digital scales.

+Do we need to provide a PC?

At the moment, one PC somewhere on the site within about 1000 feet is required. It needs to have Internet access. We can provide the PC fully configured to use as an option. You just need to provide us Internet access to the PC on site.

+How far can a scale be from the PC?

The digital scales need to be within about 1000 feet. Sometimes a lot of metal between the scales and the PC can cause communications issues

+How much does it cost?

Total cost depends on how many digital scales and their sizes you need and how many sites you have. Plus the software access and support fee. Contact us for a detailed quote at

+Can the date be uploaded into our existing ERP?

Yes. We can provide a web service to upload the data directly into your ERP system. Most customers start off by keeping this data separate from their ERP until they have confidence in the system. Startup cost is also lower as a result. The integrations can be done at a later time once the system has been validated on your site.

+Can the software be customized for our unique needs?

We understand that we may not have 100% of the things that you need. For that we offer custom software development services to meet your specific requirements. Contact us for a detailed quote at

Meet the Team

We are a small close knit team of fearless innovators dedicated to offering sensor based solutions to meet pressing societal problems.

Div Harish CEO, Stockvue

Div Harish

Founder and CEO
CTO Stockvue

Dr. Soundar Rajan

Co-Founder and CTO
VP Operations Stockvue

Connie Schriner

VP Operations
VP Finance Stockvue

Uma Bhargava

VP Finance
Director of Marketing Stockvue

Raka Gupta

Director of Marketing

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